2key Refer & Earn Rewards – Sharing a SmartLink creates a referral chain that keeps on earning.

Smart linked list, share and earn 2KEY tokens.

Sharing a SmartLink creates a referral chain that keeps on earningRefer & Earn Rewards
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How it work?

What happens when I share a link with 2key SmartLink?

You, and the person who shared the link with you, earn Reputation Points.

Each time a person with whom you shared the SmartLink opens it or Each time a person with whom you shared the SmartLink opens it or shares it further, you earn more Reputation Points.

At the end of each epoch (currently one week), You receive the amount of 2KEY tokens earned through Reputation Points.

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WARNING: Your Reputation score grows so you earn more 2KEY tokens in the next epoch

WARNING: You can lose Reputation Points for spamming

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Earn 2KEY Tokens.

With 2key SmartLinks, every time you share a link, you can earn Qi points that yield 2KEY tokens. Sharing a link is work that deserves compensation. Turn any URL into a SmartLink, refer it and earn!

Your actions matter and are an integral part of continuously building the 2KEY token economy and your reputation.

You Can Start Earning 2KEY Tokens Today On The Network By Sharing Smartlinks

When you click a SmartLink, you and everyone in the referral chain leading to you earn Qi points. Share it forward and earn more.

2key share earn 1

Earning Qi Points

When you share a SmartLink, you earn Qi points and build your reputation. The 2KEY tokens rewards are distributed proportionally to your recent activity and your reputation.

Be a Part of a Fair Distribution Model

90% of elective referral budget is distributed to referrers, the remainder funds the network and 2KEY tokenomics.

90% For Referrers

SmartLinks’ revenues are distributed to referrers who share links efficiently. Redistributing wealth, one share at a time.

10% For the Network

Network fees power 2key tokenomics through hodling and burning, finance future Qi Points, and fund network development.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is 2key network?

2key Network is a decentralized referral network helping people and organizations reach their ideal audience and spark action. It allows people to earn from sharing SmartLinks and spread awareness about interesting content, products or services.

What is so special about 2key network?

Có 2 So many things!

2key’s unique technology enables rewarding each individual in a referral chain, not only the person leading to a conversion. Though the entire system is automated through smart-contract, the decisions about who is shown what are reserved to each person, and never manipulated by any algorithm.

2key network’s economy is built to share profits with users in proportion to their activity. 2key is decentralized, built on blockchain to ensure full transparency and immutability and eliminate the need for a middleman, and SmartLinks are run by smart-contracts that cannot technically be modified once they are deployed, guaranteeing their execution.

What do SmartLinks help solving?

SmartLinks prevent spam through the Reputation Mining system, eliminates the budget uncertainty due to ad bidding, and filters out fraudulent clicks. It also eliminates any need for complex integration and for time-consuming management of referrers and reward distribution.

What types of conversions does SmartLinks support?

To date, there are five types of SmartLinks. The default SmartLink that rewards creators and referrers with Reputation Points redeemable against 2KEY tokens for valid clicks, PPC SmartLinks, that add an extra reward to regular SmartLinks, Donation

SmartLinks designed to facilitate running a fundraising campaign, Token Sale Smartlinks, the ready made token sale smart-contract, including the option to create a token, and Zoom smartsession, to monetize paid Zoom Services.

More goal specific Smartlink are in development.

What is a 2KEY Token?

2KEY tokens are a crypto currency, an integral part of the blockchain infrastructure powering 2key network.

The 2key network tokenomy includes auto-hodling, auto-demand and auto-burning mechanism that increase the value of 2KEY tokens in direct proportion to the network use, benefitting all users.


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