Changelly Review 2021 – Why use Changelly for cryptocurrency exchange?

Changelly Review – Like ChangeNow, Changelly is an anonymous, secure and fast cryptocurrency exchange, in this post I will review Changelly, including Changelly’s company and services.

Have you ever been in the situation, owning many different coins, these coins are stored in different wallets, and the worst thing is that you have almost no solution to turn them into a single coin.

I’ve come across this, in this case, the most perfect way is to convert the money you have into a single currency, like BTC.

If you want to do this, you can use exchanges, but the truth is that not all exchanges support uncommon coins or trade in very small amounts.

However, do not worry too much, there is always a way to solve all problems, you just don’t know how.

Changelly was born as a solution to the above problems, Changelly made the currency exchange process easier.

Of course if you’ve never heard of Changelly, you’ll need to find out more about Changelly. Understanding that, this article was born with a desire to provide the most accurate information for readers.

Usually people ask when they start with an unfamiliar platform, where they have never visited, they are not sure about that platform, some questions are commonly known as

  • Is Changelly legal?
  • Is Changelly safe?
  • When something goes wrong. Will I be supported?

Keep looking at Changelly reviews for a comprehensive look at this anonymous cryptocurrency trading platform.

Cryptocurrency is a new and risky market, so we have to be careful when using any such online website. We do physical checks and reviews of the web in action. If we spot a phishing site, we will let you know, which will keep you from wasting your money.

What is Changelly?

Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to exchange crypto fast and buy it with a bank card. The service provides the best crypto-to-crypto rates and supports over ~200 cryptocurrencies available for exchange.

Changelly brings an ecosystem of products and services that allow customers to have a one-stop-shop experience for purchasing, selling, swapping, and trading cryptocurrencies. Since 2015, Changelly has been providing an intuitive platform for fast crypto exchanges.

Many reviews Changelly also confirmed that this is the most popular virtual currency exchange platform in the world. This is a non-custodial exchange – this means it has no liquidity and does not require any deposits. This makes Changelly one of the safest options you can make when trading.

Changelly Review: Is this cryptocurrency exchange website trustworthy?

After checking with a highly reputable tool, I got important information, this website has ~ 2 million / month traffic. This is an impressive number.

Changelly Review 2021 - Why use Changelly for cryptocurrency exchange?

Changelly was established in 2013. Changelly was just a prototype system at that time.

Changelly is related to the famous mining team – MinerGate. Currently, however, Changelly and MinerGate are two separate units.

Changelly has been in operation since 2015, and the company started getting traction in 2016 – at this point, it operates as an independent virtual currency exchange platform.

In April 2017, Changelly reached 1,000,000 users. This shows that this cryptocurrency exchange website is becoming more popular. We review this information, which is one of the proofs to conclude that Changelly is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange website to use.

It is worth noting that, this exchange rarely has errors, negative reviews mainly on transaction fees when using credit / debit card to buy Bitcoin, we will talk about transaction fees in the end of the article.

Changelly Review: Is this cryptocurrency exchange website trustworthy?

After checking on (updated April 15, 2021) we can see that a good Changelly review rate still prevails (over 50%).

Of course just relying on this does not completely confirm Changelly’s absolute reputation, you can still see bad reviews about Changelly, but don’t forget that, you can’t please everyone, I still appreciate this trading platform.

My conclusion:

Changelly is a safe, reputable website for conducting cryptocurrency transactions.

It is recommended to use this site to exchange coins, however it should not be used to purchase coins with a credit / debit card because of the high transaction fees, which is a weakness that Changelly is trying to find solutions remedy.

Review how Changelly works?

When a user chooses a trading pair to exchange, the platform searches its liquidity partners to find the best available exchange rate for the selected pair.

Changelly uses a trading algorithm integrated into some of today’s largest crypto exchanges to aggregate the best cryptocurrency rates, such as Binance, Poloniex and Bittrex.

The nature of the platform allows Changelly users to find the best rates across multiple exchanges without having to create an account with each provider, some exchanges require KYC, not all users ready to KYC.

The conversion rate is displayed for the user to review and lock until the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

Review of the main features of Changelly:

Exchange Bitcoin for any other supported cryptocurrency.

Exchange fee is only 0.5%.

Support Tether USD (USDT).

Buy Bitcoin on Changelly with your credit / debit card.

Create a user account so you can keep track of your past exchanges.

Does Changelly have a mobile app?

Changelly offers a mobile app available on both iOS and Android.

The app is extremely intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to quickly swap between cryptocurrencies on the go.

You can do the same as on the website.

They also have a utility that tracks the price of cryptocurrencies, in general, Changelly has good support for users on mobile devices, which makes it possible for even newbies to get started with Changely.

Changelly Review – How to use Changelly?

First, to use Changelly, you need to understand transaction fees.

With Changelly, all transactions guarantee a 0.5% fee, quite competitive fees, and they really do.

In fact, you can find cheaper rates when working directly on trading platforms like Bitstamp …

However, if you want to do a lot of transactions to move altcoins, especially for small amounts, then Changelly is a great choice.

When it comes to fiat currency transactions, there is one big caveat to take here.

Transactions from fiat currencies (e.g. dollars, euros, etc.) claim to hold 0.5% fixed fees, however rates are subject to change and you are more likely to trade at high rates because they are using a 3rd party service.

When you’re looking to buy crypto with a credit card on Changelly, you’ll notice the fees are significantly higher.

What is the reason?

All bank card transactions on Changelly are provided by Simplex and Indacoin.

For BTC, BCH, LTC, XRP and ETH, Changelly supports direct payments, powered by Simplex, so you can buy these cryptocurrencies for just 1 fee.

However, when buying another coin listed on Changelly, the transaction will be operated by Indacoin.

In this case, the transaction fee will be converted twice, and this is the reason people lamented that the transaction fees were spike.

How to use Changelly for exchange?

After all, Changelly deserves a website for you to use for the purpose of cryptocurrency exchange.

How to use this website to exchange cryptocurrencies, please see the quick guide below.

We integrate Changelly into our website, where you can exchange your coins, it’s safe and powerful. Use the tools below to exchange your money.

You can:
We integrate ChangeNow exchange engine on the Website, exchange your cryptocurrency right here with the best tools ?

Users may wish to make the exchange on the Changelly full site. Click the button below and it will open up a new page on your browser.


This is how you use Changelly to exchange, just like how you use ChangeNow, choose the currency pair you want to exchange.

For example, you want to exchange BTC for XRP

Check transaction fees, be sure of this, as transactions cannot be changed.

If they require registration, do so, just 1 email. It will help you monitor your transaction history, as well as more secure when trading.

Enter the wallet address where you want to receive cryptocurrencies, be careful not to send your wallet wrong.

Wait for the transaction to complete, usually ~ 30 ‘. However, there are exceptions.

Here is a visual video of how Changelly works, check it out.

Changelly quick comparison with competitors

ExchangeFeesRatingOur reviewWebsite
Changelly0.5%4.8/54.5 stars: ExcellentChangelly ReviewGo to Exchange
Changenow0.5% – 1.5%
4.6/54.5 stars: ExcellentChangeNow Review
Go to Exchange
SwapspaceSpread only
4.4/54.5 stars: ExcellentSwapSpace Review
Go to Exchange

Changelly Review – Customer Support.

Basically, they have good support, which is obvious, there are many similar services, and whoever has good support, the customer will know them.

Basic review of Changelly

When trading any cryptocurrency, we all need the best, safe and secure services.

With a 0.5% transaction fee, Changelly remains one of the best options to use, and of course no service is perfect, check if Changelly is right for you.

For our part, we believe that this is a safe website for cryptocurrency transactions.

I hope this Changelly review was helpful to you, and that you have a better understanding of Changelly’s service. If you decide to give the platform a try, I wish you good luck in new cryptocurrency transactions!

ChangellyActive in 2016, this website is famous and reputable
Provide a flat exchange fee of 0.5%
A secure platform, no security breaches yet
There is an app for mobile
Live support 24/7
High transaction fees when dealing with fiat currency.
Transaction times can be slow
4.5 stars: Excellent
Go to Exchange

Please spend 30 seconds to leave a comment after using our service, this helps to make more people aware of this trading platform. Thank you.

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