ChangeNow Review – Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchange Safe, Quick & Easy

ChangeNOW review – ChangeNOW is an instant non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service. ChangeNOW provide simple and fast cryptocurrency swaps with more than 200 cryptos at great rates, no accounts needed. ChangeNOW are trusted by such giants of the crypto world as Exodus, Ledger, Trezor, and Coinswitch.

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Changenow review

General review of ChangeNow

ChangeNOW is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The main advantage is that you can exchange anonymously, without needing an account. ChangeNow does not store user funds. ChangeNow offers a cryptocurrency exchange service without any deposit to the account.

ChangeNow offers a simple and affordable solution for swapping between cryptocurrencies through the website, Telegram bot and app.

ChangeNOW has more than 170 coins available for exchange and without any restrictions; You can trade as much as you like – no accounts needed, no worries, fast. A fiat option is also available – you can purchase cryptocurrencies with Visa or MasterCard through their third-party partner.

Is ChangeNow legal and safe?

To use services from ChangeNow you do not need to register an account. This helps you avoid identity theft or financial theft. ChangeNow offers the best rates in the market, as they partner with reliable cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Operating since 2017, so far ChangeNow has not had any serious problems to stop working. The company is registered in a country with cryptocurrency laws, which makes it easier to file a complaint.

The ChangeNOW official website provides all the necessary details on the legal address and registration information of the entity. The information provided states that the exchange is registered as CHN Group Limited. The company’s office is in the Seychelles at Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Providence, Mahé, with a postal address at Amsterdam, Kraanspoor 50, 1033 SE, Netherlands.

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changenow review
review changenow

Review the disadvantages of ChangeNow

  • The speed of the currency swaps depends on the blockchain type.
  • No ability to sell crypto-to-fiat
  • Large swaps may be paused for KYC / AML checks

Review the ChangeNow advantages

  • Easy to use!
  • The Best rates! ChangeNOW works with a number of major exchanges, so you’ll always get the best rates.
  • Fast! The exchange usually takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Non-custodial! Your cryptocurrencies are always in your control.
  • No Limits! Exchange as much you want— no limits. You can exchange some currency pairs with as little as $ 2
  • Completely! Anonymous, No need to open an account.
  • No Surprises! The price you see is exactly what you pay. There’s no hidden fees or cost.
  • No Worries! The highest levels of security keep you safe. Transact with total peace-of-mind.

Try risk-free with trades as small worth of coins. Expert 24/7 support is ready to help you. Instant conversion between over 200 cryptocurrencies – over 40,000 combinations of swaps.

How does ChangeNOW work?

ChangeNOW is integrated into multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, OKEx, and Kucoin. At the moment of the trade, ChangeNOW choose the best exchange rate on the market at any given moment and offer it to you.

The procedure is as follows
It’s engine calculates the best possible exchange rates for you.
You send the funds to ChangeNOW’s wallet.
ChangeNOW uses its partnerships with top cryptocurrency exchanges and service providers to swap your cryptocurrency.
ChangeNOW sends your swapped funds back to the provided wallet address.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Process on ChangeNow

  1. On the Change NOW crypto exchange page, select the currency you want to exchange from in the drop-down menu.​ Next, enter the amount of that currency in the “You Send” field. Use decimals as desired.

2. Select the currency you’d like to receive next to the “You Get” drop-down menu. The approximate amount you’ll receive will automatically generate.

3. Select Exchange

ChangeNow Review – Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchange Safe, Quick & Easy

4. A new window will appear. Paste your wallet address (which is also your recipient address) of the crypto you wish to receive. You can also scan the QR code from your mobile device.

ChangeNow Review – Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchange Safe, Quick & Easy 1

5. Click Next, Select Confirm

ChangeNow Review – Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchange Safe, Quick & Easy

6. A new window will appear. Confirm your wallet/recipient address. If it’s correct (double or triple check for accuracy), send the amount of crypto to the larger address at the top of the box. For example: “Amount 1 BTC To this address 3GGuzf9bBopL4rToqK2MbDLntGaKSc34hH”

7. Send the desired amount of crypto from your wallet to the “Send…” address. Once again, double or triple check the address for accuracy.

ChangeNow Review – Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchange Safe, Quick & Easy

8. Once sent, in a few moments, you will see a prompt at the bottom of the box that says “Waiting Exchange“.

9. In about 15-30 minutes you will see a new prompt that says “Sending“. The crypto you’ve exchanged for is on its way to your wallet.

►Now supporting many of DD’s most talked about cryptos: Theta Network (THETA*), Polkadot (DOT), Chainlink (LINK), Uniswap (UNI), DigiByte (DGB), Zilliqa (ZIL), Cardano (ADA), Tezos (XTZ), Vechain (VET), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), XRP (XRP), Stellar (XLM) and hundreds more…

Important: THETA is not an ERC20 token. You must send THETA to the web wallet, the native Theta mobile wallet, or the Trust Wallet.

ChangeNow quick comparison with competitors

ExchangeFeesRatingOur reviewWebsite
Changelly0.254.8Changelly reviewGo to Exchange
ChangeNow0.5% – 1.5%4.6ChangeNOW reviewGo to Exchange
SwapspaceSpread only4.4Go to Exchange

You can:
We integrate ChangeNow exchange engine on the Website, exchange your cryptocurrency right here with the best tools?


NOTE: If your crypto swap is taking more than three hours, please contact ChangeNow support and send them your transaction ID.

You get the help you need, usually in less than an hour your problem will be resolved. You can contact via email, telegram, fill out forms, … for support.

Note when transacting on ChangeNow

Banned countries from ChangeNow

Some countries are prohibited from joining ChangeNow: USA, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, Bolivia…

How long does it take to complete a transaction?

Transactions on ChangeNOW usually take 5 to 30 minutes. However, it is also possible that your transaction takes longer for the reasons below:

  • DDoS attacks.
  • Update electronic money.
  • The block chain is overloaded.

What is the minimum exchange amount on ChangeNOW?

Depending on the coin type, the minimum amount ranges from ~ $ 1.7 to $ 20. If the deposit you have sent to ChangeNow is less than the minimum exchange amount, they will not be able to complete the exchange and guarantee a refund, so double-check before making the transaction.

Can transactions be canceled?

The operations of the blockchain are immutable. If the funds have been sent, the transaction cannot be canceled by anyone. Therefore, thoroughly check all payment details before sending money to anyone.

Transaction fees on ChangeNow

What are the fees during the exchange?

The process of exchanging cryptocurrencies involves different steps, and during those steps different fees are charged.
These are the fees:
– network fees for sending money from a customer’s wallet
– network fees for transferring money to liquidity providers
– transaction fees are charged according to the liquidity provider
– network fee to send the exchanged amount to the customer
Fees vary depending on the currency and number of exchanges.

Buy cryptocurrency with Fiat

You can buy cryptocurrencies with a USD / EUR card. This feature is made available to you by ChangeNow’s third-party service partner, Guardarian. This is one of the best (cheapest) price providers on the market. Transaction costs are 5% per purchase (at least $ 10) .ChangeNOW charges a 1% fee for such purchases. Minimum amount 50 $.

Review ChangeNow overview

ChangeNowEasy to use!

The Best rates! 



No Limits! 


No Surprises!
The speed of the currency swaps depends on the blockchain type.

No ability to sell crypto-to-fiat

Large swaps may be paused for KYC / AML checks
4.6Go to Exchange

Please spend 30 seconds to leave a comment after using our service, this helps to make more people aware of this trading platform. Thank you.

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