What Is a Crypto Faucet? What is the most popular cryptocurrency faucet?

Did you know that one of the safe and legitimate ways to earn crypto is using a crypto faucet?

Apart from the legal ways to earn crypto like buying and selling on exchanges, in lucky airdrops or illegal ways of scams and hackers, crypto faucets are seen as one of the ways best to earn your crypto.

You often hear about free crypto faucets where you can start making money with your free time, without too much skill or knowledge about cryptocurrencies. So what really is a crypto faucet? Let’s learn about crypto faucets through this article.

What is a crypto faucet?

Are Free Cryptocurrencies Real?

Actually nothing is 100% free. Crypto Faucet is considered free based on efficiency and you don’t have to spend any money to get your favorite coins.

What Is a Crypto Faucet – A cryptocurrency faucet can be a website or an application, the administrator of that website or application will reward (distribute) a small amount of coins to the user at a fixed time or when the user complete the tasks required by that website or app.

To receive free crypto, users need to complete simple tasks like watching ads, watching videos, completing quizzes, or completing photo validation. The simpler the task, the less the reward.

People call it “faucet” based on the small reward, like the water droplets that drip from a leaky faucet.

In the case of crypto faucets, a small amount of the free crypto you earn is sent to the user’s wallet.

Most sites offer a minimum payout threshold, so rewards earned for completing tasks will be deposited into the site’s online wallet. The user can only withdraw this bonus once the set minimum threshold is reached. With the best crypto faucets, the process can take as little as a day, but often it can take longer than a week.

How crypto faucets work?

Cryptocurrency faucets work through sponsorship or advertising services.

Some faucet platforms receive partner funding, the distribution of coins helps users to access the coin, once users know about that coin, the ability to scale and invest in that coin can happen .

Second case, faucet receives ad services from partner, they create tasks, user completes task, faucet receives payments from partner and pays user to complete task.

Can you make a lot of money from crypto faucets?

Honestly, if you are only working with simple tasks then crypto faucet is not an effective get rich scheme.

You will be disappointed if you expect the faucets, in case you don’t have other plans.

Combine the ways below to generate the best faucet income.

Direct plan – Join the referral program.

Every crypto faucet has a referral program (you can also understand these as affiliate programs). Refer friends and get commission back when your friends complete faucet tasks.

The best way to invite friends is to make a video (youtobe) or write (blog/website) a review of the faucets, interested people can subscribe via your referral link, this way you can create a resource Very good passive income.

Indirect plan – Join exchanges.

Combining faucets and exchanges this is a great combination. With the exchange, you can trade or deposit interest, lend from the money you earn from the faucet, all of which can give you a good income.

How to withdraw money from the faucet?

Be careful, if you don’t know how, you will lose your hard-earned money, are you thinking of a scam?

No, you should know, faucets pay a very small amount of coins, in case you withdraw money, most blockchain addresses will not credit this amount to you, because the amount you deposit is too low.

To solve this problem you need to use a micro wallet, which can receive payments with small balances.

Currently faucetpay is the most widely used micro-wallet with many preeminent features.

On Faucetpay which is linked with more than 1300 crypto websites/apps, you can find a lot of faucets, when you join the faucets, the money you withdraw will be stored in Faucetpay wallets, all in one.

Faucetpay helps you to convert coins to 1 favorite coin, which helps to pool your small assets into a larger sum.You can learn more about faucetpay through the article below for more details.

Is Crypto Faucet a Scam?

Sadly we may encounter scam crypto faucets where instead of paying the user they will block you from withdrawing.

As for Faucetpay affiliate sites, although they are not scams, it is a fact that not all listed crypto faucets are the best.

So what standards should good crypto faucets meet?

There is no default criteria, however you can research the following criteria.

  • Amount of coins received
  • Is the payment coin worth it?
  • Fast payment time

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