Overview of cryptocurrency affiliate marketing 2021

The trend of making money online through affiliate marketing is popular in the world. In which cryptocurrency affiliate marketing programs are one of the best earning trends today.

Why is this model of making money from home so thriving? Who fits this monetization model? Join the blog hockiemtienonline to learn about this popular way to make money online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

What is Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing Program?

Similarly, basically a cryptocurrency marketing program, the marketing content will be related to cryptocurrencies and the rewards paid are cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency affiliate or referral program provides a way to earn money by sharing, encouraging people to visit a website or join a cryptocurrency platform.

In the field of cryptocurrency, the goal of the business is to attract customers to its crypto products. What they care about is that many people use their services, so that they make a profit.

Publishers want to find the right crypto affiliate programs for their website. What they care about is finding the best crypto-related services.

Basically, a cryptocurrency affiliate program or referral program provides a way to earn money by sharing an affiliate link and incentivizing people to visit a website or join a platform.

The combination emerges, the business creates the affiliate program, the publisher participates, and both parties benefit.

Rewards can be paid out in fiat (such as dollars) or they can earn commissions in crypto.

Popular Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing Models.

The cryptocurrency market is extremely large, so there are also many cryptocurrency affiliate marketing models to suit the market.

Below is a list of popular cryptocurrency affiliate marketing models.

  • Faucet

Most faucets have their own affiliate program, the commission is usually 10% – 20%

Commissions are paid in BTC or other popular cryptocurrencies.

Presenting a list of 1000+ best faucets now all listed on Faucetpay where you can find the best faucets to join the affiliate program.

Overview of cryptocurrency affiliate marketing


Free to join


Popular customers (anyone can start)


Need to introduce more people

Low commission on 1 trade

  • Exchanges

Most exchanges have their own affiliate program, the commission is usually 10% – 40%

Commissions are paid in BTC or other popular cryptocurrencies.


Join for free

High rose


Uncommon customers

KYC is required

  • Airdrop

Commissions from Airdrop are usually distributed by the issuer, they do not have a fixed rate.

Commission paid in airdrop issuer token.

If you are interested in Airdrop, we recommend airdropalert.com. This is a website that lists the world’s top reputable Airdrops. Register for the airdropalert and choose the best Airdrops here


Free of charge


Popular customers


In some perils, those tokens have no value.

  • Browser

Browsers usually pay out in that browser’s coin.


Free of charge

Popular customers (anyone can start)


Usually requires customers to use for a certain period of time.

If you are interested in browsing and mining, we recommend cryptobrowser. This is the best BTC mining and browsing site available today. With extremely generous commissions, referral program up to 10 levels. Sign up for Cryptobrowser here and mine BTC with your teammates.

  • Mining

Mining usually pays out in BTC or ETH.


Free of charge

Popular customers (anyone can start)


Customers must be active

What is the criteria for choosing the best cryptocurrency marketing network?


Actually the Exchanges have the highest level of sustainability, followed by Faucets and Airdrops, the Airdrops will end in a short time.


Commissions from exchange have the highest rate, followed by faucets, for the Airdrop part, it really depends on luck.

Liquidity level

Exchanges and Faucets have faster liquidity than Airdrops, in some cases Airdrops can take a year or longer to receive liquidity.

Popular Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing Practices.


Use or refer to information on exchanges, faucets … to gain knowledge, then synthesize videos in the form of reviews, use SEO skills to make outstanding videos on YouTube, reach customers with needs.

Most users tend to learn about products and services before deciding to participate in using them.


Similar to YouTube, but from a utility perspective, blogs have more advantages, easier to create customers or convert.

Social network

If you are a social media influencer, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to start making money with affiliate marketing programs. In fact, influencers are easily chosen as brand partners.

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