How to earn money on Timebucks 2021

How to earn money on Timebucks? How to make money on Timebucks? How to make money from home with Timebucks? Learn how to make money at home on Timebucks with your free time.

You are searching the internet for information related to making money on If so, you have come to the right place, the issues discussed below will share how to earn money on Timebucks.

In case you are new to Timebucks, check out the post below where we share the most accurate Timebucks website reviews.

Timebucks website review 2021 – Is Timebucks a legit site?

Is Really Paying You? Is Timebucks a legit site?

If you have seen our Timebucks review you will get 1 affirmation, Timebucks is a legit site, they actually pay their users.

You can view legal proof of payment from here. These images are all real images.

How to earn money on Timebucks

How does Timebucks pay you?

You need to complete the ID and selfie verification, the steps are very simple, we have a detailed ID verification tutorial, you can see it here.

Important: If ID verification is an issue for you, you will not earn money on

With a minimum withdrawal of 10$, on every Thursday you will receive payment from Timebucks, through the withdrawal method you have confirmed.

  • Options for receiving payments from Timebucks:
How to earn money on Timebucks

How do I get paid on Timebucks?

How much money can you make on

This is really a good question, it depends on what ways you choose to make money on Timebucks, they include time, intelligence, country where you live, how you develop your friend system…

Actually, making money on Timebucks is unlimited, we will share this in the next section, don’t miss the information below.

How to make money on Timebucks?

Start earning on with the simple steps below.

Step 1 : Sign up for an account

Yes, make sure, ID verification isn’t the problem, if that’s not the problem, click the link below to sign up for a account.


Step 2 : Personal information settings

Set up and verify your personal information so Timebucks knows you’re a real user.

Step 3 : Set up payment method

Select the appropriate payment method in your country.

Step 4 : Start making money from Timebucks

Click on the Earn Tab and choose the ways to earn money that are right for you.

How to Earn money on Timebucks with tasks?

Find out simple and fun ways to make money on Timebucks here, we will show you the best ways to make money from Timebucks.

1 – Make money on Timebucks with TabSurveys

Take the best surveys on Timebucks. There are many survey providers willing to pay for your opinions. You can earn up to $2 for each survey you complete.

To earn money with surveys on Timebucks, you need to complete your profile on Timebucks.

How to make money on Timebucks


2 – Earn money on Timebucks with Tab Content In the “Content” Tab you can easily make money on Timebucks. Should you make money on Timebucks with the Content Tab? If this is something you need advice on, check out the advice below.

Although there are many ways to make money in this Tab, in reality you cannot make much money here. This also means that if you focus on this, you are wasting time.

Clicks: In this task you will get paid to click on links from advertisers.

Slideshows: In this task, you will get paid to go through 7 pages of slideshows.

Night Fall News: In this task, you will get paid to complete a slideshow. You will be redirected to a third party website to complete this task.

Engage: You will be redirected to a third party website called Engaged Hits and then you will be prompted to register with your gmail email. 

Push Clicks: In this task, you will get paid to click on ads, however they will be delivered to you as browser notifications. You will get ads paying between $0.0005 and $0.07 per click.

Search: In this tab you will get paid to search for products that you are interested in buying. You will be redirected to shopping websites, with search results for products you are interested in buying.

55 Words Videos: In this task you will get paid to watch videos Click the “Start Video” button to begin the task. You can do 24 videos per day, but only 1 every hour. After the timer ends, you can do another video.

3 – Tasks How to make money with on Tab Tasks?

In this task you will get paid to complete micro tasks. When you click the Start Campaign button, you will be presented with the instructions set by the advertiser on what they want you to do. You will have 30 minutes to complete the task and submit your proof.

After you have submitted your proof, with “the advertiser will have a certain amount of time to review your proof and approve your submission. If you do not do the task correctly, or provide fake proof, the advertiser may reject your submission. If you think your submission was rejected in error, you may file a dispute against that advertiser and TimeBucks staff will review the case.

If you ask me “How to make money on Timebucks?”

The answer is to refer to the tasks in the Tasks Tab. Where you can earn up to 6$ for 1 task, this is the highest payout as of the time of writing this article.

How much money can you make on Timebucks


4 – Refer Yes, this is what we look forward to, the refer-a-friend program. Can you make a lot of money with this referral program?

Sure, the referral program income is passive income and has no limits.

How does it work?

You will get paid commission for anyone you refer to TimeBucks. Timebucks pay 15% commission on anyone you refer. That means if your referral earns $10, you will earn $1.50 commission.

You will earn 10% commission on any “Advertising Funds” that get deposited by any user. So if they deposit $100, you will get $10 commission.

Is Timebucks a legit site

You can click your own referral link, recommend using a high conversion landing page, this landing page has been designed by Timebucks, with your referral ID.

You can invite friends via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Email all built-in on Timebucks.

To share links effectively, you can create youtube channels, blogs, and fanpages … aimed at users in need.

We recommend you to sign up for Timebucks and make money right away with Tab Refer.


5 – OfferwallsOn this Tab you can earn money with Timebucks through Timebucks partners.

Download apps, play games, take surveys, quizzes, purchases … lots of ways to earn are listed here. Choose the method of making money that you think is suitable.

6 – Ali Express What is making money on Timebucks with Tab Ali Express?

You may not know that Ali Express is where you can buy everything very cheaply, and now you can shop even cheaper through Timebucks.

You can use this tab to get cash back on items you want to purchase from AliExpress, or you can use it to sell things to other people and you will earn commission whenever someone buys something through your link.

How it works?

Enjoy discounts that you would never be able to get if you shopped directly! After you make your purchase, your cash back will be pending for 30 days in case of refunds. After 30 days, it will be credited to your account.

You can promote links on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or Email only. You are not allowed to advertise your link anywhere else, especially in search engine advertising. Brand name bidding on search engines is strictly forbidden. For example, if your friend is looking to buy something from AliExpress, tell them to use your link instead so you can earn commission from the sale!

Commissions range anywhere from 0% to 5% which is the highest commission rate in the world for AliExpress. 

How does Timebucks pay you

We recommend you to sign up for Timebucks and make money right away with Tab Ali Express.


Copy the link and send it to your friends if you know they want to buy, create blogs, YouTube channels, to promote products, make sales and get commissions.

6 – Interests Earn money on by sharing shortened links.

In this task, you will get paid to send links to friends about specific things they might be interested in. These links will go to a search engine result page, and you will get paid when someone lands on the search results.


Unlike normal link shortening, you will have to search for shopping keywords, enter that keyword in the shortening box, the system will automatically search for advertisers with products related to that keyword on the website Timebucks.

They will create a short link to the search engines, if people who click on your link visit these pages, you will get money.


  • United States: $ 0.03
  • United Kingdom: $0.03
  • Canada: $0.03
  • Australia: $0.03
  • France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium: $0.01
  • Spain: $0.008
  • Brazil: $0.005
  • India: $0.005
How to earn money on Timebucks by Interests
We recommend you to sign up for Timebucks and make money right away with Tab Interests.

7 – Sweepstakes TimeBucks has a weekly sweepstake prize give away where a total prize pool of $500 is awarded to 30 winners each week. The winners are drawn at 12am Friday each week. Once the prizes are drawn, your entries will reset to 0.


  • Iran,
  • North Korea,
  • Syria
  • Sudan,
  • Cuba
  • QUEBEC State of Canada

How to increase the winning rate?

Do the following tasks to increase the winning rate.

Invite your friends to get 200 lottery tickets.

Log in daily to get 100 lottery tickets.

Complete missions to get more lottery tickets

By running the software you will get 100 FREE Sweepstakes entries every 10 minutes, without even doing any tasks! Thats the equivalent of doing $15 a day of tasks.

More money making tips on


It’s flawed if you ignore “DAILY GOAL CHECKLIST” where Timebucks has listed daily to-do tasks to do in order to receive rewards.

REWARD: 200,000 Sweepstake Entries and Premium Membership for one Week

Tip of the day

See monetization tips shared by Timebucks, but you need to act fast as these tips may end soon.

Yesterdays top earner

Search the list of people who make a lot of money during the day, you will see the tasks they do, follow them to be able to earn a lot of money on Timebucks.

Conclusion on ways to make money on

Above is a detailed guide on how to make money on With many effective ways to make money, Timebucks is a leading reputable website for you to take advantage of your free time to make money at home.

We list the ways to make money on Timebucks for you to understand.

  • Make a lot of money (Tasks, Aliexpress, Refer)
  • Make money fast (Surveys)
  • Earn easy money (Content, Offerwalls)
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