How to earn on Publish0x website – 5 ways

How to earn on Publish0x? How to earn crypto on Publish0x? How many ways to earn money on Publish0x? Click to see the best ways to make money on Publis0x that no one teaches you.

Publish0x is a very reputable and safe money making website that pays real money to users. We already have a review of Publis0x, if this is your first visit, please see information about Publish0x from real experience here.

Publish0x reviews – Publish0x scam or legit?(Reviews from real users)

Register for a Publish0x account

To be able to earn money on Publish0x, you first need to have a Publish0x account, you can use your Facebook, Twitter or email account to sign up for Publish0x.

We personally recommend using email to sign up for Publish0x. If you don’t have a Publish0x account yet, you need to sign up for it here.

You can now decide to join Publish0x by clicking here

Publish0x is a scam or legit

Enter your email and password, the last step, in the email to confirm the information.

how to earn on publish0x
Register for a Publish0x account

How many ways to earn in Publish0x?

There are many ways to make money on Publish0x, we classify as direct and indirect monetization, and analyze their advantages and disadvantages, this makes it easy for our readers to find the right way to make money.

How to earn in publishing0x – indirectly

With this way of making money, it is important how you access the information from the posts on Publish0x, 99% of the posts on Publish0x are in the field of cryptocurrency, they are shared by many authors. such as investment advice, assessment of development trends of cryptocurrencies…

On Publish0x there are many topics grouped into different groups such as “Popular, New, News & PR, Explore” You can find out the information you are interested in easily.

You can follow your favorite authors, and from there find helpful tips to help you stay on top of the most accurate, up-to-date information so you can benefit from it.


  • Accessible
  • Wide variety of information to choose from
  • Free


  • No direct income
  • Must have skills in selecting and analyzing information
  • Need to spend a lot of time researching
  • Need to learn and compare with external information

Publish0x – How to earn directly?

To make money directly from Publish0x, you have various options such as:

  • Become an author, write, and get tips from readers who love your posts.
  • Become a general reader looking for useful information or simply read for money.
  • Join the writing contest and get thousands of dollars in ETH.
  • Join the ambassador program, get commissions and rewards if you are the most referrers of the month.

Earn money on Publish0x by becoming an author

To be an author you need to apply, wait for approval, you can write about anything, although the main content here is cryptocurrencies.

When readers view your work, they can choose to tip you, which in turn will reward you in crypto.


Passive income, the more you write, the more you get


If you want to know the downside of this way of making money on Publish0x, you should check out my real-life experience, when I was an author and published works on Publish0x.

Experience blogging on Publish0x real reviews from users.

Publish0x – how to earn on publish0x, Read the article, tip the author

This is the easiest way to make money on Publsh0x, what do you need to do?

Sign in to Publish0x, choose posts by topics you are interested in, read articles you like or dislike simply for the sake of tips.

Because of the way Publish0x works, you can tip every 10 minutes, you will get crypto instead of cash, so your actual amount is only an estimate, as the value of tokens changes change at the real market rate.

You get more or less depending on how long you interact on this site, and how you choose to tip the author more or less.

Here’s how you tip the author and get your tip.

When you finish reading the article, scroll down and you will see other interactive content such as the 1st position to like or dislike the article.

publish0x how to earn
publish0x how to earn

To receive a tip you need to share back to the content publisher the tip of at least 20%. In position 2 and 3 is a slider, when dragging the blue circle to slide to position 2, you will share 20% for the author, receive 80% for yourself.

Conversely, if you drag the circle to position 3, you will give the author more %, up to 100%. Then press “TIP” at position 4 to receive money.


Easy to do



Low income

Earn money on Publish0x by join ambassador program also has a refer a friend program called an ambassador program, which works as an affiliate marketing model.

By referring new user, you get 5% based on his tip, and referral bonus.

Instructions on how to join the Publish0x ambassador program

Go to the right corner of the screen, you will see your name near the bell, where your display name is, click there is a drop-down menu, select Dashboard.

publish0x 1
link referral

Select Affiliate Stats to get affiliate marketing. Your marketing link looks like the above, copy it and share it with your friends.


Passive income free

High income (Bonus 40$ monthly for the top best referrers)


Marketing skills required

You can now decide to join Publish0x by clicking here

How does Publish0x withdraw?

Currently on Publish0x is supporting ETH and AMPL withdrawal to the leading exchange Kucoin, with a very low minimum amount ($0.5). This is one of the attempts to support users from Publish0x.

Here are the reasons you should withdraw money from Publish0x to the Kucoin exchange.

  • Withdraw money every Monday to Kucoin exchange, if you choose another method, withdraw once a month
  • Low withdrawal from 0.5$ for ETH and AMPL
  • Kucoin exchange has many potential coins that even Binance doesn’t list
  • No KYC required if the transaction is less than 1BTC (for those who do not like to reveal sensitive information)

Note : Since KuCoin does not support FARM tokens, you can currently only withdraw FARM on your chain. The minimum amount to withdraw FARM on-chain is $2 in FARM.

hướng dẫn rút tiền từ publish0x về kucoin

How to withdraw your money from Publish0x to KuCoin exchange?

Step 1. Sign up for a Kucoin account

You can sign up for a KuCoin account here. If you are already registered on KuCoin Exchange, skip this step.

You can now decide to join Kucoin exchange by clicking here

Step 2: Find UID

To find your KuCoin UID after you have registered on KuCoin, go to your Account Overview. Follow the instructions in the image below.

hướng dẫn rút tiền từ publish0x về sàn kucoin

Step 3. Set up your KuCoin Wallet address from Publish0x Dashboard and enter your KuCoin UID

Once you have entered your KuCoin User ID (UID), click “Save”. Then confirm this change via email.

hướng dẫn rút tiền từ web publish0x về sàn kucoin

IMPORTANT! Publish0x is not responsible for wrongly entered KuCoin UIDs. They will send funds to the KuCoin ID you entered incorrectly and you may not get your money back due to your mistake.

Step 4. Go to your Payment Page on Publish0x. Click the “Withdraw” button next to AMPL and ETH respectively.

rút tiền từ web publish0x về sàn kucoin

Step 5. Choose to receive funds via KuCoin withdrawal.

publish0x 2

Step 6. Confirm Your KuCoin Withdrawal

lướt web kiếm publish0x

Step 7. Check your email and wait for the money to come back

Final Verdict on “How to earn on Publish0x website – 5 ways”

In this final verdict, I will summarize the pros and cons of ways to make money on Publish0x so that it is easy for readers to follow, from which to choose to participate or look for an alternative.

There are 5 ways to make money on Publish0x including direct and indirect


  • Become an author
  • Join the contest
  • Read and tip the author
  • Join the ambassador program


  • Find information and benefit from it

You can now decide to join Publish0x by clicking here

Or choose a better monetization solution here

If you have any comments, questions or have any personal experience with Publish0x, please share your opinion in the comments section below.


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