How to get crypto airdrops?

How to get crypto airdrops? We share useful information about airdrop, click to see how to get crypto airdrop now.

If you’ve been involved in a crypto or NFT community on Twitter, Reddit, or Discord, you’ve likely seen people excitedly showing off digital tokens or images from their wallets.

Are you wondering, where do these tokens come from? Most likely they come from Airdrop projects.

If you want to get started with the crypto market, through the airdrop sector, then this is the best start for you.

  • In the article “How to get crypto airdrops?” We provide you with the following basic information about Airdrop:
  • What is Airdrop?
  • Is Airdrop safe or risky?
  • Should you be wasting your time on Airdrops?
  • Do Airdrops Really Pay You?
  • What do you need to prepare to participate in the Airdrop?
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So what exactly is a crypto airdrop?

What Is a Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

How to get crypto airdrops?

An “airdrop” refers to a method of distributing cryptocurrency to the public, via the fact that they own certain other tokens or wallets on a particular blockchain. This is usually done for marketing purposes to incentivize the holding of other tokens or induce them to become a participant in the blockchain network.

Airdrops usually work by requiring users to hold a certain amount of tokens in a publicly discoverable wallet at a predetermined time (snapshot time). The token project conducting the airdrop would then use the snapshot to distribute the airdrop tokens accordingly.

The effect of airdrops allow users to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings, spread awareness of the airdropped token and earn an effective dividend (of their previous holdings). Most airdrop campaigns run with mechanics such as receiving coins or tokens in exchange for simple tasks like sharing news, referring friends or downloading an app.

Are airdrops legit? Are crypto airdrops safe? Are airdrops dangerous?

Airdrops are mostly legal, basically Airdrops are given away by issuers for free to people, through simple tasks, helping them to promote that cryptocurrency to more people.

Cryptocurrency airdrops are safe, the only possible risk is that in case when receiving the reward, the Airdrop provider requires you to pay a fee to receive the reward then be careful, these Airdrops can be scam Island.

Airdrop scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect, even for seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

As a general rule, if an airdrop or any other crypto project requires highly sensitive information like your seed phrase or private key, then we advise against participating.

Are Telegram airdrops legit?

If you want to try searching for airdrops on telagram, as someone who has participated in many airdrops from telegram, I personally advise you not to participate, 90% of the Airdrops they recommend are a waste of time.

They share many Airdrops and that’s why, they can’t test all of them, so the success rate is very low.

Can you make money from airdrops?

Can you make money from airdrops

Sure, you can easily earn money from an airdrop campaign, if the campaign is open to all participants. In case the number of winners is limited, you need luck.

Can you get a good profit from an airdrop?

This depends on the quality of the airdrop, the distribution of tokens from the issuer more or less, whether it is for everyone or not.

Regular airdrop programs all have a friend invite campaign, if you invite more people to participate, you will be distributed more tokens, which makes you a good profit.

Are crypto airdrops worth it?

This depends on each individual’s decision, there are people who think that participating in the Airdrop is a waste of time, and there are also views that deny it.

If you are someone who likes to experience surprises, you have time, you are willing to spend time on simple tasks, waiting every day to receive distribution of airdrops, or simply because it is given away free, airdrop is for you.

Several successful Airdrops may be listed.

  • Airdrop Decred, 258,000 DCR tokens were distributed. A DCR token was around $1 to $2 at the time, but is now worth around $108 per token.
  • NEO Council’s Ontology (ONT) Airdrop distribution campaign to promote the migration of the Ontology blockchain to its network has been successful distributing approximately $42 million worth of ONT tokens.

To make it easier for you to make a choice, you can refer to the information below to decide whether to participate in Airdrops or not?


  • Free
  • Easy access
  • In the case of an increase in the token price, congratulations, you have earned a good amount.


  • Long delivery time (can wait 6 months – 1 year)
  • Airdrop may fail leading to wasted effort without getting results

What to prepare to participate in Airdrop?

Normally ​you need social networking accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram … to complete social tasks.

In addition, you need to prepare wallet addresses such as BSC, ETH, TRON … to receive rewards

Which is the best airdrops?

There are many airdrop programs, but it is not easy to find the best airdrops.


There are too many airdrops programs, which makes it difficult for newcomers to distinguish or verify the fake. Even experienced people can participate in fraudulent Airdrops.

Good news for you, we have joined the legit airdrops, tested them, and of course removed the scam airdrops.

We are ready to share with you the best airdrops, so if you want to get the best airdrops, the simplest way is to refer to our recommendations.

Final Verdict on “How to get crypto airdrops”

Participating in Airdrops is the easiest way to access cryptocurrency, because the airdrops are free, moreover everyone has equal access.

Airdrop can absolutely help you get income, if you know how to join the best Airdrop channels, the easiest way and don’t waste time searching is to immediately see the list of Airdrops that we list below.

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