How to register for and How to Perform KYC in your account? Register and verify Permission account today to get free ASK coin daily.

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How to register

To start registering for a Permission account, you need an email you are using, a smartphone that can take a photo, download a security app for the account, an ID to KYC Permission.

Now follow below steps to know how to register Permission account.

Step 1: Access the homepage of via the link below

Access link to

Or scan QR code to register Permission.

Step 2: Enter email + password, First name, Country, Postal Code…

Enter your frequently used email (Permission will send you a confirmation email)

Enter password (your Permission password must contain)

At least 10 characters
At least 3 of the following: (choose 3 of 4)
Lowercase (a-z)
Uppercase (A-Z)
Numbers (0-9)
Special characters (e.g. @ #)

permission io review
Click Sign Up to instantly receive 100 ASK Tokens

Click Sign Up to instantly receive 100 ASK Permission Coin, which means you accept the policies from

Step 3: Go to CH play and download the Google Authenticator app

This app is used to scan QR codes, after scanning the QR code will be a 6-digit code to use when logging in. These 6 digits change every 30 seconds.

Step 4: Save the phrase to get your account back

They will give you a phrase to use to get your account back in case of need, save it in a safe place, don’t share it with anyone, otherwise they will get money in your Permission account.

Click I have safely recorded this code and press the arrow to complete the process.

ask permission coin

Step 5: Go to the verification email.

The system automatically sends you an email, the committee checks and confirms the email sent to complete the Permission registration process.

In the mailbox found the email from Permission click Verify Your Email Address. account registration link

How to Perform KYC in your account?

How to Perform KYC in your account

What is “KYC”?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer, and refers to the process of verifying the identity of a business’ customers. KYC is required by financial services companies such as banking institutions, credit companies, and insurance agencies to ensure their customers are legitimate and not involved with corruption, bribery, or money laundering.

Why do I need to KYC?

To be clear, no KYC verification is required to interact with the Permission Platform and accrue ASK. Users can register and begin earning without KYC verification. All in-platform earn events and features are available to users without ever having to perform KYC.

KYC is only required if the user would like to withdraw ASK from the platform to any ASK-compatible wallet.

Where to start?

To KYC a Permission account, you need to prepare an ID card, a smartphone, a blank sheet of paper with the date of updating the document + write the word Permission.

Log in to Permission with the created account, the phone interface is as follows.

Click Complete Identily Verification to initiate KYC Permission. Requires a smartphone to take photos.

kyc permission io

Step 1: Take a photo with your ID document.

Prepare a sheet of paper with the date you send the photo to Permission, along with ID card. If you use your phone to press Take Picture to take pictures, you can refer to the way to hold documents as below to take pictures.

kyc permission get ask coin

Click Send after the capture is complete to send the image to the system, wait for Permission to approve and notify you by email, note that the authentication process may take a long time.

kyc permission io 1

Step 2: Take 2 sides of ID card

Click Take Picture Frone Of ID to capture the front of the paper you intend to use for verification, click Submit to send.

Do the same for the back side, Take Picture back Of ID captures the back of the document you intend to upload Kyc , press Send to send.

Click I gree to the following then click Submit Verification, wait for Permission io to check and notify your Permission registration email.

kyc permission

So you have completed KYC on Permission to start making money earning ASK Permission coin

Here you will receive instructions to watch videos and invite friends to receive more ASK coins every day. account registration link

Tips for a successful Identity Verification Submission

We know that taking pictures can be challenging. Here are some tips for a successful identity verification submission:

Good lighting

Good lighting helps to achieve better OCR results. If the image is too dark or too bright, the document might not be processed successfully.​

How to Perform KYC in your account 1

Avoid reflections

Glares and reflections interfere with processing and reduce data extraction accuracy. We recommend not to use the flash of your mobile device when capturing document images.

How to register

Focus and sharpness

Make sure the image is clear and there are no blurred areas.

How to Perform KYC in your account 2021


The tilt angle of the document should not exceed 10 degrees in any direction (horizontal or vertical).

How to register 2021

Margins (too small)

Make sure there is minimal space around the document. It is recommended that the document takes up 70-80% of the image.

How to Perform KYC in your account margins

Margins (too big)

Make sure the space around the document does not take up more than 20-30% of the image. It is recommended that the document takes up 70-80% of the image.

How to register by hockiemtienonlinevn


The document should be in clear contrast to the background. A light-colored document on a light background, as well as a dark-colored document on a dark background, might not be recognized.

How to Perform KYC in your account

Resolution of the image

To achieve a good quality of recognition of identification documents, we recommend that you provide images captured by a camera with a resolution of at least Full HD (1920×1080) and autofocus.​

How to register

Extraneous objects

Make sure your hands or other objects do not cover document data.

How to register 2021

How to know the result of ID Permission verification success or failure?


If the photos you have provided are not accepted, you will get this message:

permission hockiemtienonline


If the photos you provided are accepted, you will see the following acknowledgment:


When you open your wallet again, you will see that your identity verification still needs a final approval:

permission hockiemtienonline 2021

You will also receive an email notifying you that you have correctly submitted your ID Verification.

permission 2021

Welcome to the KYC journey!

As a returning user or as a new member, we are pleased to invite you to our KYC process. 

Completion of KYC allows you to move your Pending ASK to your Permission Wallet and to use your coins. This is where the fun begins!


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