Permission io review – review, Detailed review of the website. scam or legit Share how to watch videos, invite friends on to earn thousands of $ ASK Coin daily.

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permission io

In this article, you will share how to register for a Permission account, how to verify your account (KYC Permission) to receive 100 ASK Permission coin and withdraw money to Bitrue exchange, how to watch videos on Permission to earn money daily, how to join Permission’s affiliate marketing program (invite friends) to get hundreds more ASK when someone signs up through your referral link.

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Permission io review – What is is the leading provider of permission advertising for eCommerce.

The company has created the ASK Coin to enable individuals to securely grant permission and be rewarded for their data on and third-party e-commerce platforms. Advertisers reward consumers with ASK for interacting with brands and content, building consumer loyalty and trust.

Instructions for registering a account

To start registering for a Permission account, you need an email you are using, a smartphone that can take a photo, download a security app for the account, an ID to KYC Permission.

Now follow below steps to know how to register Permission account.

Step 1: Access the homepage of via the link below

Access link to

Or scan QR code to register Permission.

Step 2: Enter email + password, First name, Country, Postal Code…

Enter your frequently used email (Permission will send you a confirmation email)

Enter password (your Permission password must contain)

At least 10 characters
At least 3 of the following: (choose 3 of 4)
Lowercase (a-z)
Uppercase (A-Z)
Numbers (0-9)
Special characters (e.g. @ #)

permission io review
Click Sign Up to instantly receive 100 ASK Tokens

Click Sign Up to instantly receive 100 ASK Permission Coin, which means you accept the policies from

Step 3: Go to CH play and download the Google Authenticator app

This app is used to scan QR codes, after scanning the QR code will be a 6-digit code to use when logging in. These 6 digits change every 30 seconds.

Step 4: Save the phrase to get your account back

They will give you a phrase to use to get your account back in case of need, save it in a safe place, don’t share it with anyone, otherwise they will get money in your Permission account.

Click I have safely recorded this code and press the arrow to complete the process.

ask permission coin

Step 5: Go to the verification email.

The system automatically sends you an email, the committee checks and confirms the email sent to complete the Permission registration process.

In the mailbox found the email from Permission click Verify Your Email Address. account registration link

What Is ASK Permission Coin?

ASK is a cryptocurrency that enables permission advertising for eCommerce. ASK Permission coins make it easy for you to securely grant permission and monetize your data across a decentralized eCommerce ecosystem.

ASK transacts on the Permission Blockchain; it is not an ERC-20 token. The Permission Blockchain is a fork of Ethereum, so it’s Ethereum-like, but is an entirely independent chain.

What are Permission ask coins worth?

You can refer to the price of ASK Coin on Coinmarketcap here for detailed information.

Important indicators.
Market capitalization
24 hour trading volume (6/6/2021)

ASK is available to purchase on these exchanges

ask permission coin
Ask Permission Coin is listed on top exchange Bitrue

In addition to being traded on major exchanges, the ASK Permission coin is used to purchase products on Permission’s own e-commerce platform.

You can use ASK coin to buy products such as computers, clothes, jewelry … if you use ASK coin to pay, you will be refunded up to 20% of the ASK coin spent to buy products.

You can purchase any product on our Shop & Earn store. There, you can exchange it for tons of cool stuff, including gift cards and digital goods.

Get free ASK Permission coin
Use Ask coin permission to shop and refund

How do I earn ASK Permission coin?

You can earn ASK in multiple ways:

  1. First, create an account at
  2. Fill out your My Data section in your profile.
  3. Watch product videos as you browse and shop 10,000+ products from your favorite brands.
  4. Receive ASK Back when purchasing products with your ASK on our Shop & Earn store.
  5. Open and click on emails that offer ASK rewards.
  6. Download our browser extension, link your account, and engage with ads as you browse the web.
  7. Participate in opportunities offered in the Community Center.
  8. Refer friends and family. The more people you invite, the more you earn!

Note that anytime you complete an earn event, your ASK will appear in your Pending Balance until you’ve completed 2FA. Once your account has been authenticated, your pending ASK balance will be available to move to your Permission wallet.

You will be able to share this issue more thoroughly by looking at the information below.

Supply Curve Details
40% – Users
25% – Purchasers and Supporters
20% – Developers and Advisors
15% – Team

Mission & Values of Permission io

Own Your Data was created to put an end to the interruptive, exploitative advertising model that drives today’s web and to give individuals back ownership of their time and data.

Permission is Changing the Status Quo

Permission is making it possible for you to own and be compensated for your data in Web 3.0. Permission has created the tools and the infrastructure for you to grant permission and earn from your data across the digital ecosystem.

Our Mission

Lead the web toward a new engagement model, one that enables you to own, control and profit from your time and personal information while engaging with the web as you normally do.

Our Values

In carrying out our mission, we have a set of core principles that guides what we believe and how we behave.

Permission believe it’s time to end data exploitation

  1. We believe your personal data has value, and it belongs to you.
  2. We believe in the sovereignty of the individual and that independence is better than dependence.
  3. We believe asking permission is the way to do business.
  4. We believe consumer relationships should be built on trust and transparency.
  5. We believe you should be compensated any time your data is touched.
  6. We believe that blockchain technology will bring transparency and trust into our economy.
  7. We believe it’s time for you to stop being treated like a product.
  8. We believe that cryptocurrency should be easy to acquire and use.
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Permission io review – Instructions for KYC account

To KYC a Permission account, you need to prepare an ID card, a smartphone, a blank sheet of paper with the date of updating the document + write the word Permission.

Log in to Permission with the created account, the phone interface is as follows.

Click Complete Identily Verification to initiate KYC Permission. Requires a smartphone to take photos.

kyc permission io

Step 1: Take a photo with your ID document.

Prepare a sheet of paper with the date you send the photo to Permission, along with ID card. If you use your phone to press Take Picture to take pictures, you can refer to the way to hold documents as below to take pictures.

kyc permission get ask coin

Click Send after the capture is complete to send the image to the system, wait for Permission to approve and notify you by email, note that the authentication process may take a long time.

kyc permission io 1

Step 2: Take 2 sides of ID card

Click Take Picture Frone Of ID to capture the front of the paper you intend to use for verification, click Submit to send.

Do the same for the back side, Take Picture back Of ID captures the back of the document you intend to upload Kyc , press Send to send.

Click I gree to the following then click Submit Verification, wait for Permission io to check and notify your Permission registration email.

kyc permission

So you have completed KYC on Permission to start making money earning ASK Permission coin – here you will receive instructions to watch videos and invite friends to receive more ASK coins every day.

Instructions to watch videos to make money on Permission
Watch the video Permission io earn money ASK – Earn ASK daily

Every day, you can watch 15 videos with an average of 10-20 ask Tokens, but the system only displays 6 videos, if you want to see more you have to look for more. On average, videos are 5s – 2 minutes long, containing ads. account registration link

Permission io review – How do you earn coins on ask?

  1. By receiving rewards for answers. The more creative, funny, interesting content you make, the more chances to get rewarded!
  2. By watching video ads. Availability may vary.
  3. By buying coins. You can explore offers in EARN page in your wallet. …
  4. By option “Invite friends”.

Permission Extension

Easily earn cryptocurrency by viewing selected video ads as you browse the web

Permission is giving you the keys to your personal data with ASK, a new global rewards cryptocurrency that enables you to own your data and earn from it while engaging with your favorite brands

By using the Permission Browser Extension while simply browsing the web as you normally do, you can watch short video ads that are personalized for you, and be rewarded for doing so in ASK. When advertisers ASK Permission, you get paid – it’s that simple

Joining Permission makes you a part of a movement that is fighting for a better internet, where people control their own data and are justly compensated for the ads that they consent to view and the brands they choose to engage with 😄

Download the Permission Browser Extension today and help us build a new win-win-web together…where individuals own, grant permission, and are rewarded for their data

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ PermissionIO for all the latest & visit for more info

How to watch videos make money as follows.

Watch Permission io videos to earn money – Earn ASK coin daily

Visit the website, click the video to watch, let the video run out, do not exit or change to other browsers.

After watching the first 1 video, click the anti-bot captcha from the system, ask token is automatically added to the account. Watch 1 video, back to watch another video.

Ask coin can buy goods on Permission itself, you will get back ASk coin. Watch videos Permission io earn money – Earn ASK coin daily

Permission Invite friends – Affiliate program

Refer friends to join Permission to earn ASK coin

To get more ASK coins you can join Permission’s affiliate program to get up to 100 ASK for 1 successful referral.

Go to the Referrals section. You will see your referral link, refer friends to register and receive rewards, you can refer to the image below.

permission 1

You can advertise your link on social networks like Facebook, Twitter… or channels like blog, youtube… If you want to develop a professional crypto blog, and build your online business then we have the best offers for you.

Regarding the website creation tool, we suggest, you can use Hostarmada’s Hosting. You will get discount code “dinhnam1987” and 1 extra free domain name. It is the world’s leading hosting provider.

Sign up for hostarmada hosting here

Use discount code dinhnam1987 for services at hostarmada.

How to buy and sell ASK Coin?

Where can I buy permission to ask for coins?

If you would like to know where to buy Permission Coin, the top exchanges for trading in Permission Coin are currently Bithumb Global, Bitrue, and ViteX.

However, we recommend using Bitrue exchange with many unique features, above all transactions are processed super fast.

How to withdraw ASK coin to wallet and exchange on exchange. account registration link

With the edited min withdrawal of 25,000 ASK, you can convert your ASK Coin to a wallet on Permission then place a withdrawal order on the exchange, we recommend withdrawing to Bitrue, this is an exchange Great and reputable translation.

Download Bitrue App and sign up, get Sign-up Package at once. Open the package you will have a chance to win 60,000 XRP! Moreover, inviting friends will get commission rebate up to 50%!

permission io review ask coin

After you withdraw ASK Coin to Bitrue exchange, you can exchange it to USDT to withdraw to your e-wallet.
You can sign up for a Bitrue account here if you don’t already have a Bitrue account.

Bitrue account registration link

Thank you for taking the time to pay attention to the article about Permission, Ask coin.

Above are the main content related to the Permission website, if you find the content useful, please share it with many people to know about Permission.

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