Publish0x reviews – Publish0x scam or legit? – Reviews from real users

Publish0x is a website with a variety of articles about the world of cryptocurrency, where you can learn about cryptography from people with high expertise in the field. In this post, we will give a Publish0x review as a real user.

If you want to learn about the Publish0x website, to confirm that Publish0x is a scam or legit? Should you spend time on this site or not? Does Publish0x really pay users? All will be shared in Publish0x review from hockiemtienonline blog, as actual user experience all monetization from this site we can share you exactly what you will experience past if join Publish0x.

What is Publish0x?

Publish0x is a website that publishes a lot of knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies such as Airdrop, NFT games, tips for making electronic money… to help readers easily access cryptocurrency. This is a good platform for bloggers to develop, you can find other fields outside of the mainstream crypto-currency.

On the posts will show the amount of money the author earns from the reader ” tip “. This makes the interface of this website more attractive.

You can find a lot of valuable information from the posts of authors with good knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Bonus readers and authors can both earn some tokens, provided by Publish0x partners.

Tokens like ETH, BAT, AMPL … are funded from Publish0x partners, with the hope that more people will know about these tokens.

publish0x reviews
Publish0x’s intuitive interface

In a nutshell, Publish0x is supposed to be an educational website about crypto literacy, where you can get tokens from activities like blogging, reading posts, inviting friends to join.

Next, I will dive into the website reviews, where you will know my experiences with Publish0x, after using it for a long time.

How Publish0x works?

As mentioned above, Publish0x is a special platform for bloggers, where you can become a blogger, a reader, and whoever you are you can get free tokens of exchange value.

When you read posts from writers, you can tip the author if you find the article valuable, this way you and the author both get tokens.

The tokens are sponsored by Publish0x’s partner, Publish0x distributes these tokens to its users. One of the valuable tokens like DAI, BAT… was distributed.

As you can see, Publish0x creates an ecosystem and distributes tokens, in return they have users who are bloggers and readers, they can post banner ads to get more income.

Is Publish0x is a Scam or Legit?

It can be affirmed that Publish0x is a legitimate website, where anyone can write and post their thoughts for everyone to see, and people can also read those posts, if they find them interesting, you can tipping the author a certain amount with tokens, also this way you will also get tokens.

Does Publish0x really pay users?

Yes, sure Publish0x actually pays users, you can see one of my proof of payment here.

Publish0x made many payments with various tokens like BAT, ETH, AMPL…

publish0x payment

How do you get paid?

Depending on the different tokens, the withdrawal time and address are also different. Currently Publish0x cooperates with Kucoin exchange – the world’s leading exchange listed by Forbes magazine.

You need to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, with some tokens like AMPL is 0.5$ on Kucoin exchange, however if you choose On-Chain Withdrawals, you need to reach 2$.

The great thing is that you can withdraw with an amount of only 0.5$, you can see how to withdraw money from Publish0x to Kucoin here.

Can you make a lot of money on Pulish0x?

Yes, you can make a lot of money on Publish0x, but in practice this is not easy. Please read the reasons below carefully to understand the details.

I will summarize the ways to make money as follows:

  • Become a writer, get tips paid in tokens from readers if they find the article interesting.
  • Participate in writing contests, get thousands of dollars paid in ETH if you win.
  • Read the article, tip the author at least 20% of the tokens that Puiblish0x sponsored, you will get 80% back.
  • Join refer friends, monthly referral contest, if you win can get up to 40$ payment in tokens
Publish0x reviews – Publish0x scam or legit

We have a separate article on how to make money on Publish0x, you can see it here, this way it will help you to know how to make the best income from Publish0x.

Can you use Publish0x on mobile apps?

Currently Publish0x does not have a mobile app, but you can use Publish0x using your mobile browser without any restrictions on the user experience.

Is Publish0x for everyone?

Of course Publish0x is for everyone, whoever you are, you can easily sign up for Publish0x for free.

You can choose to sign up for Publish0x with a social media account like Facebook Twitter, or with the option to sign up by email.

After completing the information on the form you need to verify by email. You can now log in to Publish0x to start earning.

Publish0x is a scam or legit

You can now decide to join Publish0x by clicking here

Experience blogging on Publish0x real reviews from users.

Although Publish0x does allow you to become an author or writer on their platform, I do not recommend that you join.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, see my experiences then decide whether or not to participate in becoming an author on Publish0x.

Although I already have a blog of my own, I still register to become an author on Publish0x, I am required to provide the content that I am the author (not to be copied, or reproduced without the consent of the author)

After submitting the quality content, I was accepted and quickly got my own blog on Publish0x. I publish content and quickly earn from readers tipping.

Everything was fine until Publish0x unexpectedly locked the authorship, and asked for proof, proving my posts were not plagiarism.

I quickly provided the posts and explanations via email, everything was fine until they sent me another email saying that someone accused me of illegally copying content, after I asked them to provide me, provide proof that I copy, unfortunately, I did not receive such proof, and of course I remain an author until.

They found out I registered 2 accounts on 1 IP and the account was locked, honestly I don’t remember doing this.

I continued to explain to them that this could be a mistake, and I thought they would delete the account that I was not using.

Luckily they did, and my account was reopened. However, the copyright is locked 🙂 I asked them to explain, they asked me to provide proof that I am an honest author.

Of course, to protect my interests, I provide legal proofs, unfortunately this time they do not accept, the information I received in the end is that they believe that I am rewriting the articles to refresh posts, although they provide no definitive proof.

Of course this affects me, but it’s not so important, it’s worth mentioning that they don’t really have legitimate evidence, the judgments seem to be based on deduction instead of providing convincing evidence.

In the end I decided not to appeal, I realized that when you blog against any platform that you don’t have control over, it’s easy to lose everything.

Final Verdict on “Publish0x reviews – Publish0x scam or legit? – Reviews from real users

Publish0x is really a legit site to earn money (cryptocurrency) you will get tokens by writing articles or becoming a reader of articles. Although a legitimate platform, like any other, Publish0x has its own strengths and weaknesses.

In this final verdict, I will summarize the pros and cons of Publish0x for readers to easily follow, thereby making the choice to participate or look for an alternative.


  • Free registration
  • Legit site to earn free crypto, real payments to users
  • Become an author and build your own brand
  • Multiple monetization options
  • Lots of crypto knowledge from experienced authors
  • Mobile-friendly
  • No KYC (know your customer) required


  • There is a minimum withdrawal limit
  • No cash rewards
  • Low rewards if you are just a general reader

From a personal point of view, Publish0x is a legitimate website, anyone can join. You can earn low rewards by reading newspapers.

However, if you want to make a lot of money, you need to become an author (although you may face requirements to prove copyright) or enter a contest, of course it is not easy, apart from having knowledge. expertise you also need to compete with other participants.

You can now decide to join Publish0x by clicking here

Or choose a better monetization solution here

If you have any comments, questions or have any personal experience with Publish0x, please share your opinion in the comments section below.


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